Show Bound 2018: A Day With the Beck Family

  • A Day with the Becks

    Now that the Beck Family has been properly introduced, it’s show day. It is time to see what goes on each day at Beck Sisters Berks and how the family gets ready for a show.

  • Feeding Time

    The Beck girls begin their day by feeding their pigs. Each pig has a different ratio of feed and supplements, which the girls organize on their white board.

  • Final Practice

    Once the pigs finish breakfast, there is some final walking and training before it gets too hot outside. 

  • A Stop Along the Way

    While her sisters are working hard with their show pigs, Elsie stops to check on her family’s soybean crop. 

  • Rinse and Repeat

    After the pigs are thoroughly exercised, they have to cool off. Tony stands ready with a hose to meet this need.

  • Make a List and Check it Twice

    Energized by a hearty lunch, each of the Becks lends a hand in loading the trailer with show supplies and show pigs. Tracey is sure to look over their checklist one last time before heading out. 

  • Heading Out

    The Becks travel about 45 minutes to the Little Illini Classic in Paris, Illinois. 

  • A Helping Hand

    Before the pigs can be unloaded and checked in, the family must get their pens ready. Laura helps her sisters by carrying all of the supplies she can hold!

  • Berkshire Bath Time

    The pigs must be spotless before going into the show ring. Hannah washes her gilt with shampoo that brightens up the white areas of her skin. She uses the same shampoo on her Shorthorn steer at home. 

  • Starting the Show

    It’s showtime. Hannah, Faith, and Laura each show one of their homegrown Berkshire gilts in the first class. 

  • Closing Time

    Hallie closes out the show with her crossbred barrow. With the barrow show ending after 10 p.m., it’s a late night for the Becks – but they are doing what they love. 

We caught up with the Beck family of Allerton, Illinois, to see what goes into a day of preparing for a show.

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