Show Bound 2018 Family Announced

  • Show Bound 2018 heads to Illinois

    For the past four years, Show Bound has followed families through the process of preparing their livestock for shows. As season four of Show Bound kicks off, let’s meet our 2018 family: The Becks.

  • Meet the Becks

    The Beck family lives on a grain and livestock farm near Allerton, Illinois. Pictured from left to right are Hannah, 15; Tracey; Elsie, 3; Tony, Laura, 7; Hallie, 18 and Faith, 13. The five sisters have their own 4-H project raising Berkshire hogs – Beck Sisters Berks. 

  • Beck Sisters Berks

    The Beck family has been showing hogs for about nine years. This is their second season of breeding/farrowing Berkshire hogs. 

    "They are very dedicated to all aspects of the project – from breeding to working with/walking the pigs daily – to prepare them for show season," says Tracey Beck.

  • A Family Affair

    Each of the girls is involved every day throughout the entire process of raising the Berkshires. They breed their sows through artificial insemination and then raise, select, sell, and work with the piglets. 

  • Meet Hallie

    Hallie, who is 18, is a gentle and thoughtful young woman who is very patient with her animals. “At shows, she is considerate of others and will put others’ needs before her own,” says mom Tracey Beck. During farrowing, it’s not unusual for Hallie to stay at the pig barn to ensure everything goes well and that the piglets are nursing like they should.

    Hallie is the oldest of the Beck sisters and will attend Dordt College this fall.


  • Meet Hannah

     Ambitious and responsible, Hannah is a self-starter. She helps organize the work that needs to get done in the pig barn and follows through to ensure it is accomplished.

    “Hannah is always on top of making sure the pigs are trained and ready for competition,” says dad Tony Beck.

    When it’s time to head to a show, there’s no need to worry about supplies – and the other necessities for show life – because 15-year-old Hannah’s got it covered.

  • Meet Faith

    Faith, 13, really loves the show aspect of raising pigs and her confidence shines through in the showring. She enjoys the competition of showing. During farrowing, Faith can usually be found sitting with the sows to be sure every piglet is accounted for and nursing well.  

  • Meet Laura

    Laura, 7, loves to clean pens, walk pigs, and especially brush the pigs. She enjoys giving the animals on the farm attention and love! Laura is eager to provide help wherever it is needed. She usually knows what she wants to accomplish and is determined to do so.

    Dad Tony describes her as happy and sweet-spirited.

  • Meet Elsie

    As the youngest, Elsie, 3, likes doing what her big sisters are doing, especially if she can be helpful. She enjoys walking the pigs with her little show stick. She looks forward to shows and the fair and can’t wait to load the trailer to leave. She also prays for the baby pigs and their mothers at dinner.  

  • Stay Tuned

    Stay tuned as we spend a day at the Beck family’s farm and also follow them to the Little Illini Classic in Paris, Illinois. 

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