TED talks for the swine industry

SwineTalks, a global swine online conference with a "TED talks" format, is Oct 7-8, 2020

SwineTalks is an online conference with a "TED talks" format about the global swine industry. It will be held October 7-8, 2020.

Speeches will be 8 to 18 minutes long. Sessions and speakers include:

"A personal perspective: swine industry update after ASF" - Li Mu, China

"What keeps the new generation of pork producers up at night!" - Phil Hord, United States

"The what, why and physiologic cost of leaky gut syndrome" - Lance Baumgard, United States

"The future of animal protein" Jack Britt, United States

"Update on Chinese feed biosecurity" Zhikai Zeng, China

"Critical elements of successful management" Steve Pollmann, United States

"Compensatory growth in pigs" Michael Ellis, United States

"African swine fever control strategies in endemic countries" - Clayton Johnson, United States

"Surviving the pork production business" Noel Williams, United States

"Economics of feeding for growth and performance vs. health and immunity" - Fredrik Sandberg, United States

"Walking though the fire" - Kylie Epperson, United States

"COVID-19, FMD and ASF: what can we implement to get better?" - Luis Corbellini, Brazil

"Science through the lens of a bass guitarist" - Scott Dee, United States

"Imagining a digital future for precision pork production" - Aidan Connolly, United States

 "Disease management, monitoring, and forecast" Daniel Linhares, United States

"Herd health and immunity through dietary intervention" - Joe Crenshaw, United States

"Creating loyalty in your personal brand" Jennifer Demare, Canada

"The Japanese effect" - Satoshi Otake, Japan

"Getting the most out of high-performing animals with high-performing teams" - Kyla Ripley, Canada

"The 3 pillars of biosecurity" - Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt, Canada

 "Communicating during crises" - Tim Sellnow and Dr. Deanna Sellnow, United States

"The little enzyme that could – phytase yesterday, today and tomorrow" - Janet Remus, United States

"Feed Mill preparedness to help prevent the spread of ASF" - Jarrod Plants, United States

"How you can share to advocate for our industry" - Sawyer Whisler, United States

"Emerging diseases" - Joaquim Segales, Spain

"Nutrition diagnostics in production systems" - Leon Broom, United States Dr. Kyle Coble, United States

"Empowerment, mindset, and taking action" - Michael Noonan, Ireland

Register here: https://www.swineit.com/swinetalks

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