Stroll a Gigantic Farm Show Down South

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    Expointer is one of the largest ag trade shows in South America. It takes place in Esteio, greater Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. One of the top attractions are machinery sales, expected to beat R$ 3 billion (US$ 1.3 billion).

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    Attendance of Expointer is nearly 50,000 visitors a day. Most visitors come from southern Brazil, center-west of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

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    Food sales are expected to beat US$ 447,968 (R$ 1 million). Most family farmers sell salami, grape juice, colonial cheese or honey.

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    Expointer is yet an opportunity to farmers to get orientations from associations and government agencies. The poster tells farmers to get orientation on the refuge areas, a resort to avoid glyphosate resistance on grain crops.

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    A lot of people not familiar with the field have the opportunity to learn a lot more. Credit: Tárlis Schneider/Acurácia Fotojornalismo.

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    German company Claas is now re-entering the Brazilian market. The company because struggles to gain the market because it does not manufacture in the country and does not have the same access to credit lines with low interest rates. But the technology of a fodder machine compensates the investment, according to the company's representative, Luis Bernardo Scheeren.

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    Sheep is one of the most common animals raised in Rio Grande do Sul. At Expointer, sheep competitions and auctions is one of the main attractions. Credit: Expointer official website.

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    The sheep stock of Rio Grande do Sul is nearly 4 million herds, the highest in Brazil. By comparison, the US stock is about 5 million herds. In the past, the state already had 12 million. Most common breeds are Corriedale, Texel, Hampshire Down, and Dorper. Credit: Expointer official website.

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    In the case of some companies, Expointer accounts for about 20% of the total machinery sales. Credit: Expointer official website.

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    "Great champions" are the winners of heavyweight competitions. Expointer has tournaments of Angus, Brangus, Nelore, Hereford, Braford, Caracu, Simental (photo), among others. Credit: Expointer official website.  

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    Brazil's Minister of Agriculture, Neri Geller, listens to farmers. He said that Brazil will probably confirm the production of 200 million tons of grain in 2014/2015 season.“I think we are being too modest regarding the next crop. I think a 200 million tons crop will be confirmed”, said the minister at Expointer. Credit: Massey Ferguson press office.

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    "Freio de Ouro" is the top competition of Criollo horse in Brazil. The event gathers 15,000 people at Expointer and it is held by the Brazilian Association of Criollo Horse Raisers. Criollo is a native horse of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. The champion of this winner got to the third consecutive final among the males. Credit: ABCCC

You can find anything from salami to the biggest tractors on the market at this huge farm show in Brazil.

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