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Feeding soybeans to poultry

There are many types of
beans including soybeans that are used as ingredients in bird diets. In
general, all beans and peas are good protein and energy sources for birds. The
primary problem with their use is that they must be processed prior to feeding.

Most are members of the
legume family of plants. One characteristicof these plants is that the fruit
(beans) contain enzyme inhibitors that interfere with the digestion and
utilization of nutrients in the diets. If beans are used, they must be roasted
or steamed to destroy the antinutritional factors. All commercial soybean meals
are processed in this way before being sold as feed ingredients. Raw soybeans should
never be fed to poultry or game birds.

Nutritional research has
been conducted on almost all commercially produced beans to determine whether
they can be used as poultry feed ingredients. Contact the Extension Poultry
Specialist to confirm whether specific species of beans can be used and under
what conditions.

By the Mississipi State
University Extension

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