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Poultry diets for small flocks

B.L. Damron and D.R. Sloan
University of Florida IFAS

A report released by the University of Florida IFAS
Extension provides feed formulations designed for flock owners who wish to
home-mix feeds or have them custom blended. "These diets are designed to
be fed in mash form, and they meet all the nutritional needs of the various
species of birds," the report says. "It is not necessary to provide
any supplements, such as oyster shell or grit."

Duck and turkey feeds are not shown, as their nutritional
requirements are very similar to those of the laying chicken. "Therefore,
it is recommended that the chicken layer formulation be employed for these

The report also recommends the addition of a food additive
to prevent coccidiosis in starting and growing chickens and turkeys. If adding
medication, "directions concerning approved bird age, dosage
concentration, duration of feeding, and withdrawal time should be carefully
studied and followed."

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