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Poultry house energy retrofits for cost savings

Jess Campbell, Gene Simpson and Jim Donald
Auburn University

In recent years, poultry producers in the United States have
faced rapidly rising propane costs, and the cost of fuel to heat poultry houses
has caused sever grower cash flow problems. The Alabama Cooperative Extension
System has been bombarded with inquiries on how to solve the problem, and have
addressed the situation in a report on retrofitting existing poultry houses.

"There are some new technologies that are entering the
market that have been shown to be

cost effective and should possibly be considered," the
report says. This release focuses mainly on retrofitting older houses and not
new construction, because the need for retrofitting information is so great.
"In fact, we are seeing such escalation in energy prices that we have
houses that are structurally capable of growing birds but are rapidly becoming
“energy obsolete” because of their high fuel operating costs."

Energy efficient considerations include maintaining a
structurally sound building, and adding ceiling and sidewall insulation.

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