Poultry photos from the farm

  • Aidra and her chickens

    Daric Preston of Ada, Ohio, posted this photo of, "Aidra and her chickens."

  • Joliet, Montana

    Doug Gebhardt shared this photo of the chickens on his Joliet, Montana, farm.

  • Which came first?

    "Which came first?" asks network member PacaDLites.

  • Pecking in the pasture

    PacaDLites also shared this photo of her chickens pecking in the pasture.

  • Polish chicken

    "Our polish chicken with his favorite hen, Barri," says Deborah Niles of southwest Georgia.

  • All cooped up

    Cynthia DuVal of Enumclaw, Washington, posted this photo of her rooster all cooped up. "Our chicken coop opens into the garden area. We have so many eagles here we don't let the chickens range free unless we are out with them," she says.

  • Crazy-feathed Polish chickens

    Thomas Maier of Marshall, Wisconsin, shared this photo of his crazy-feathed Polish chickens.

  • Ingrid and her chickens

    Lily Marie Plasse of Troy, New Hampshire, posted this photo fun of, "Ingrid and her chickens."

Farmers for the Future members share photos of the poultry on their farms.

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