2014 National Farm Machinery Show

  • show highlights

    Show Highlights
    At the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, there is always a variety of new products. What’s unusual this year is the number of planting innovations featured for the first time on the show floor. John Deere, Kinze, and Precision Planting are all debuting new technology. Click through the slideshow to see these and other show highlights.

  • john deere

    John Deere ExactEmerge
    The John Deere ExactEmerge planter was unveiled Wednesday morning and was instantly swarmed by a crowd of farmers eager to see the planter firsthand. The planter features a new trench delivery system, row units, meters, and a monitoring system, but the big feature on the planter is the speed. The slogan for the planter is “Accuracy at 10 mph.” Read more about the planter.

  • kinze

    Kinze Multi-Hybrid
    Kinze released its idea for a multi-hybrid planter in December, but this is the first time the company has had the row unit on display. The concept planter has new row units that incorporate two meters for every row. The meters feed a single seed tube, so the row unit gauge wheels, openers, and closing wheels are identical to a standard Kinze 4000 series row unit. Learn more about the multi-hybrid planter.

  • precision planting

    Precision Planting Multi-Hybrid
    Precision Planting is also debuting its multi-hybrid planter at the National Farm Machinery Show. With the retrofitable multi-hybrid system, meters are positioned to fit within the existing row unit frame and deliver seed to a single seed tube. The electric drive system allows for an almost instant switch from one hybrid to the other. Read more about Precision Planting’s multi-hybrid approach.

  • sunflower

    Sunflower 6631
    A true vertical tillage tool, the 6631 is available in seven new sizes with true cutting widths from 20 to 35 feet wide. The new models are built with a more durable frame that is longer and heavier than previous models to better accommodate heavy attachments typical in vertical tillage. Learn more about the Sunflower 6631.

  • case ih

    Case IH 4412F
    Case IH recently launched its 4200 and 4400 series of corn heads, but the showstopper at National Farm Machinery Show is the 4412F. This 12-row folding corn head helps farmers move more quickly and efficiently from field to field. The folding corn head has its advantages but expect to pay a little more and deal with a little extra weight. The head retails for around $25,000 more and weighs about 2,000 pounds more than the traditional 12-row.

  • puma

    Case IH Puma Tractors
    Case was also debuting six new Puma tractors. These tractors feature SCR-only Tier 4 Final engines, higher horsepower, and improved cab features more typical in the Steiger and Magnum lineups. Read more about the Case IH Puma tractors.

  • new holland

    New Holland 980CF
    New Holland was also showing off its 12-row folding corn head. The company has offered folding corn heads in the European market, but this is the first time they’ve made the move with this offering in the states. Because you don’t have to remove these corn heads when you travel from field to field, they save you time and are a safer option. Again, these corn heads will cost and weigh a little more than conventional heads.

  • michelin

    Michelin AgriBib 480 95 R50
    An extension of Michelin’s popular AgriBib tire lineup, the new model features improved ride quality, longer-lasting tread, better traction, and impressive clean-out. The AgriBib 480 95 R50 is a rear fitment for front wheel assist machines and can also be used in a row-crop application on large four-wheel drive equipment.

  • earthmaster 3000

    Earthmaster 3000
    This improved vertical tillage tool from Alamo Group offers new common-wing design and walking tandem axles to achieve level lifting and more robust scraper and longer scraper tubes to cover gang junction in the wing fold area. The rolling baskets have also been redesigned to be more durable.

Innovations featured at this year’s show.

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