2015 National Farm Machinery Show

  • McFarlane Incite 5000 Series

    McFarlane Incite 5000 Series
    Dubbed the Universal Tillage
    Tool, McFarlane’s Incite 5000 series features hydraulically adjustable
    disc gang angles and a chopping reel that provides the functions of a
    tandem disc, field finisher, and a vertical tillage tool with one piece
    of tillage equipment. The disc gangs adjust from 3 to 9° and the
    chopping reel has 8 inches of travel, all adjustable from the cab.

  • Meridian SR2 Seed Tender

    Meridian SR2 Seed Tender
    The latest seed tender from Meridian uses a modular design that gives you the flexibility of upgrading. You can purchase a triple axle trailer with two modules that holds up to four boxes. This leaves an open deck space available for fertilizer or anything else you’d like to haul. If you’d like to add two more boxes, you simply buy a separate module to add to the tender.

  • Summers VRT2530

    Summers VRT2530
    Summers new variable rate tillage tool provides a mix of conventional and vertical tillage capabilities. The tillage tool hydraulically adjusts weight from the front to the rear to change the aggressiveness of tillage on the go. Available in sizes up to 40 feet wide, the VRT2530 features a front row of dual-mounted disk blades and a rear row of gang-mounted coulter blades.

  • Hypro ProStop-E

    Hypro ProStop-E
    Pentair’s new Hypro ProStop-E provides individual nozzle control for sprayers. The instantaneous on-off control with a 12-volt actuation eliminates misapplication and waste. The system also eliminates the need for centralized valve banks allowing for on-off control at the nozzle body for individual or small section control.

  • Vermeer FPX9000

    Vermeer FPX9000
    The Final Cut FPX9000 is the latest Vermeer bale processor, completing the company’s lineup of bale processing equipment. The FPX9000 consistently cuts crop to a length of 1-1/4 to 4 inches, as compared to most bale processors that produce material that’s 6 inches in length. The shorter length and consistent cut is achieved by adding a second, high-speed chopping rotor to the bale processor.

  • MyJohnDeere Operations Center

    MyJohnDeere Operations Center
    John Deere’s cloud-based data solution is rolling out several updates. The system will now be able to spatially recognize data. If you name a field wrong in a tractor display, the Operations Center will realize this and automatically fix it. A new application called MyJobs will allow operators to send tasks out to workers and view real-time progress. Users can also grant different permission levels to trusted advisors so they can view data.

  • AGCO Certified Pre-Owned

    AGCO Certified Pre-Owned
    For 2015, AGCO is rolling out a Certified Pre-Owned program. A 110- to 200-point checklist will be used to thoroughly inspect and recondition each machine before it gets the AGCO pre-owned designation as well as an extended coverage plan. The program is available for AGCO high-horsepower tractors, combines, windrowers, large square balers, and sprayers.

  • Case IH Farmall 100A

    Case IH Farmall 100A
    “The Farmall 100A series updates include a redesigned, more comfortable cab, an electronically controlled engine, and an economical drivetrain,” says Denny Stroo, Case IH. The Farmall 100A series is equipped with a powerful Tier 4 B engine with SCR-only technology. The series consists of four models with engine horsepower ranging from 110 to 140.

  • Kuhn Krause Dominator 4855

    Kuhn Krause Dominator 4855
    Kuhn Krause’s Dominator 4855, replacing the 4850, is receiving several upgrades to improve reliability and serviceability. The rear disc conditioner blades incorporate a new maintenance-free angular contact bearing assembly. Greaseless bearings are also used on the heavy-duty 24/7 round bar reel. The Dominator is offered in 7, 9, 11, and 13 shank models.

  • Exmark 500S and 700S

    Exmark 500S and 700S
    Debuting for the first time at the National Farm Machinery Show, the Exmark 500S and 700S UTVs feature a CVT transmission, a cargo box that transforms into a flatbed, and dual A-arm front and rear suspension. The 500S can haul 600 pounds, while the 700S can handle up to 1,000. Both machines can tow up to 1,500 pounds.

  • GSI Grain Storage Calculator

    GSI Grain Storage Calculator
    Are you considering expanding your on-farm grain storage? With GSI’s ROI calculator you can plug in your acres, expected bushels per acre, cash price, and future price to see the difference between selling your crop at harvest or storing bushels and selling at a later date. Learn more and download the app at ROIcalculator.grainsystems.com.

  • Blu-Jet AT4020

    Blu-Jet AT4020
    Blu-Jet’s newest liquid injection side dress applicator is designed to cover more acres in less time. Available in widths up to 66 feet, the AT4020 can be equipped with a 1,500- or 2,000-gallon cone bottom tank and a 9-gallon wash tank. You can select Blu-Jet’s JetStream nozzle injection or coulter knife injection row units with an ISOBUS control system to manage folding, depth, and rate.

  • Kioti PX Series

    Kioti PX Series
    Kioti’s new PX9020C combines modern design and functionality into one powerful workhorse. Powered by a four-cylinder, water-cooled engine, the tractor turns out 91 gross engine horsepower and 76 PTO horsepower. Paired with the KL9020 loader, the tractor-loader combination provides 141 inches of lift height, a 65° dump angle, and 86 inches of reach.

  • New Holland T6 Series

    New Holland T6 Series
    New Holland’s newest tractor series,
    available with 95 to 125 PTO hp., feature Tier 4B ECOBlue Hi-eSCR
    solution that provides improved engine response and fuel efficiency. Cab
    upgrades to improve operator comfort include a high-visibility panel
    for loader use and an adjustable right-arm console with a CommandGrip
    that puts eight of the most used functions at your fingertips.

New machinery innovations from the U.S.’s largest indoor farm show.

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