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5 machines get top honors

The best new equipment on the market was given special recognition this year at the AE50 Judge's Choice Awards Event, sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The presentations were made at the AG CONNECT Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, which featured new equipment exhibits from around the world.

For the first time in the 25-year history of the awards, five products out of 50 cited by the program were given special recognition. ASABE President Ronald McAllister, a product evaluation manager for CNH, made the awards presentations at the Innovations Theater, which hosted programs sponsored by Successful Farming magazine.


1. The Brielmaier Motor Mower Q1 is touted as the “first and only uniaxial agricultural high-performance mower that houses its engine, wheel drive, and all major hydraulic or mechanical components completely inside its studded roller wheels,” notes McAllister. The design enables the machine to work in rough terrain, mowing on extremely steep slopes.

The Q1 is also engineered to operate in wet and water terrain.


2. The Tractor Baler Automation from John Deere “automates manual baling operations by bringing the tractor to a stop automatically when a bale reaches the desired sized in the chamber,” says McAllister. The system then opens and closes the gate to eject the bale. The automated system improves operator comfort, allows longer working days, and improves bale size consistency.


3. The Biobaler WB-55 Woody Biomass Harvester, designed by the Anderson Group, makes dense bales of woody crops. The small-dimension harvester includes a mulching head and a central swing pivot tongue. It can harvest up to 23 wet tons per hour in a woody crop plantation and up to 10 tons in natural vegetation.


4. AutoFarm's ParaDyme Precision Farming System is a “totally integrated GPS steering and precision farming solution,” says McAllister. The system has a VHF/UHF radio for RTK corrections, cell phone modem for corrections, WiFi link for software uploads and data transfer, GPS receiver, and steering controller all in a single enclosure.


5. The 6420 SHD Olive Harvester, made by Oxbo International Corporation, mechanically harvests olives in superhigh-density hedgerow plantings. Designed with feedback from growers, processors and nurseries, the harvester features limited-slip four-wheel traction and a high-visibility cab that can be lowered while mounted to the chassis for easy transport.

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