A Show Like No Other

  • Agritechnica

    Agritechnica is a unique farm show not only for its overwhelming size, innovative product introductions, and colorful line of equipment, but also for the presentation, impressive booths, and the German theme that carries through from breakfast to the last bier of the day.

  • Driving Me Up the Wall

    Driving Me Up the Wall
    No, that’s not an optical illusion. That’s a tractor mounted to the wall of Claas’s booth.

  • How About a Little Polka?

    How About a Little Polka?
    Take a break from walking the massive show and enjoy a little polka. The Munchner Halle on site also has a polka band. My favorite was the polka remix to “Blurred Lines.”

  • Munchner Halle

    Munchner Halle
    If you’re pursuing beer and bratwurst, you’ll find pure happiness inside Munchner Halle. This beer hall is a popular spot to enjoy some German food and bier.

  • Circus or Farm Show?

    Circus or Farm Show?
    Yes, that’s a mime at the farm show. You’ll find several scattered throughout Claas’s booth that will demonstrate a few basic machinery and engineering concepts.

  • Luxury Tractors

    Luxury Tractors
    The name Lamborghini most likely inspires the vision of a luxury sports car. But in Europe, you can also find Lamborghini tractors. We bet they won’t move you quite as fast as the car counterpart, but they are sharp-looking machines.

  • Robotics

    Robotics from Under the Sea
    Meet the robotic Octopus on display in the technology hall. He (or is it a she?) is described as the “useful and friendly data octopus.”

  • Scooter

    Golf Cart or Scooter?
    At the Farm Progress Show you may feel like a VIP show-goer in your golf cart. But to see the show in style at Agritechnica, you need a scooter like this lad. On a side note, based on this editor’s tired feet, golf carts might be a good addition to this German show!

  • Glass on Glass

    Glass on Glass
    Not only is the show massive but the landscape is dominated with glass buildings and interesting architecture. This crooked cube is one unique piece on the grounds.

  • Life-Size Village

    Life-Size Village
    Companies at Agritechnica compete with eye-catching and larger-than-life booths. This life-size village is one example of the creative displays.

  • Farm Kids

    Farm Kids
    We may be a long way from home, but some things are remarkably similar. Even in Germany, a farm show isn’t complete without an adorable farm boy decked out in bib overalls climbing on a tractor.

Quirks of the Agritechnica tradeshow.

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