AG CONNECT Expo guessing game

  • 01

    Sneak peek

    The Ag Connect Expo is taking place this week, January 8-10, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  On Friday at a Preview Day media and other attendees were able to view the latest offerings from farm equipment companies worldwide.

  • 02

    Machines big and small

    New product releases at the show ranged from the latest in harvesting equipment, the big iron, to the sophisticated smaller things, precision ag technology.

  • 03

    Guessing game

    In the first photo, see a close-up view of the machine to view a special feature. Guess which company made it, and see how many you can get right. In this pic, who’s featuring a new track system?

  • 04

    Fast mover

    It’s a  Claas Lexion.  New features include the Terra Trac system that’s capable of road speeds up to 25 mph.

  • 05

    Bright hoppers

    This air seed delivery system is now available on what company’s 12-row and 16-row planters?

  • 06

    All in the air

    The familiar blue iron gives away the Kinze 3600 planter, which features two centrally mounted 40-bushel  hoppers  that deliver seed to the row units using air pressure.

  • 07

    Chopping power

    The company making this new model of forage harvester claims to have the most chopping power in the business.

  • 08

    Big MAN

    Krone’s  BiGX 1100 forage harvesters is powered by a single 1,031-hp MAN engine.

  • 09

    Easy steer

    Something new is helping guide your equipment through the field, using GLONASS satellites.

  • 10

    Good guidance

    Trimble’s CFX-750 display is the company’s newest touch-screen display for guidance, steering and precision ag capabilities.

  • 11

    An easy one

    Which company has developed a “smart-tractor” concept in its new 8R tractors in the 235-360 engines? Yes, you’ve got it right. 

  • 12

    Pickin’ cotton

    Which manufacturer recently released a cotton harvester developed with the direct input of customers?

  • 13

    All on board

    The new Case Module Express features the cotton industry’s first on-board module-building machine.

  • 14

    Laying it on

    This company is touting a “new perspective to applying fertilizer,” one that uses a three-coulter option with a row cleaner.

  • 15

    Put it on pre-plant

    The Nutri-Pro applicator toolbar by Great Plains enables farmers to apply liquid fertilizer prior to planting, doing some light tillage in the row while clearing residue.

  • 16

    Maccin’ it up

    Here’s the company and equipment model. Guess what the machine is behind the brand.

  • 17

    Engine upgrade

    MacDon’s M205 is its first machine off a line of all-new 5 series of rotary disk windrowers.  One of its upgrades is a 220-hp Cummins turbo diesel engine.

  • 18

    Remote control

    What sort of machine do you think this little remote control operates?

  • 19

    Grinding away

    The Art’s Way new 6525 grinder mixer can be operated with wireless remote control to lift, swing, and discharge the auger system gate.

  • 20

    Wheeling along

    Which company’s articulated wheel loader is claimed to be the first of its kind to have a three-point and mechanical PTO?

  • 21

    Hook ‘em up

    Orthman’s wheel loader can hook up to compact tractor attachments and features both front and rear hydraulics.

  • 22

    Mojo workin’

    Who makes this new mojo3D guidance display, featuring an icon-based menu system and setup wizards for easy installation?

  • 23

    Sittin’ on top of the world

    Leica’s mojo 3D guidance has an easy-mount antenna and a built-in cell modem for in-cab remote service.

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