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The Wonder of IHC’s 100-hp.

International Harvester offered up the 1206 Turbo with an adjustable front axle, a fixed wide axle, and a tricyle front.

Model B: The Small Farm Champion

By the time production of the C was stopped in 1950, over 84,000 of the models were sold, making it a sales powerhouse for Allis-Chalmers.

Ageless Iron: Your Guide to Antique Tractors

Old tractors are the antique cars of the farm. You can find the latest news, history, humor, and restoration tips about those old tractors in Successful Farming’s Ageless Iron Almanac.
A plethora of antique tractors during a ride.

About Ageless Iron

Successful Farming’s Ageless Iron Almanac is the ultimate resource for collectors and lovers of old farm machinery. Each issue includes stories about antique farm equipment, including classic tractors, as well as restoration tips and tricks.

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