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10 Reasons Why Old Metal Beats New

  • Ford Model B

    1. Because today you can’t buy tricycle tractors.

    Ford Model B - 1910

  • Victor

    2. Or tractors that vaguely resemble a unicycle.

    Victor - 1919

  • Ford Typhoon

    3. Because they had bold names like Typhoon and sported turbine engines.

    Ford Typhoon - 1957

  • Beaver

    4. Because this tractor loves all tractors, which is why it’s green and yellow AND red.

    GS&M 12-24 Beaver - 1909

  • Waterloo Bronco

    5. Because today’s tractors weigh a little more than 1,500 pounds.

    Waterloo Bronco 100

  • Cletrac Model A

    6. And cost a lot more than $835.

    Cletrac Model A - 1942 for $835

  • Holt Caterpillar

    7. Because today’s metal doesn’t spend its off days in the military towing artillery to battlefields.

    Holt Caterpillar Model 75 - 1914

  • Lennox Kittytrack

    8. Because of cute little tractors like this one called the “Kittytrack.”

    Lennox Kittytrack 600 - 1960

  • Allis-Chalmers

    9. Because we loved the look of that orange paint before it faded away.

    Allis-Chalmers D-15 - 1962

  • Graham-Bradley

    10. And because you just can’t find a tractor quite this stylish at your local dealer.

    Graham-Bradley - 1930

Here’s what we love about the simplicity, boldness, and quirks of yesterday’s tractors.

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