Ford Through the Ages

  • 1917 Ford 1-ton model TT

    The Ford 1-ton model TT truck (the TT designation stood for
    T Tonner) made its debut in 1917. This vehicle marked a departure by Ford from building delivery cars to turning out full-featured trucks. An unprecedented 1 million model TT’s sold during its 10-year production run. The vehicles’ sales represented 51% of the total truck market in 1926. Chevrolet’s share, by comparison, was less than 2%.

  • 1954 F-100

    In 1954, the F-100 designation was ensconced on Ford light trucks, which featured a sleek new design. Vehicles this year also featured a Driverized Cab that offered more sound-deadening materials, armrests, twin electric horns, and wider, softer seats that were equipped with the new Counter-Shock suspension design.

  • 1965 F-100

    By 1965, when this F-100 was introduced, Ford was offering
    more than 600 different truck models to consumers. This year also marked the introduction of the innovative Twin I-Beam independent front suspension, which proved enormously popular.

  • 1973 F-100

    The year before the introduction of this 1973 F-100, Ford had sold nearly 800,000 trucks, setting an industry record. The key advance offered in this vehicle was a superstrong frame that employed six cross members to accommodate heavier hauls.

  • Current Ford F-150

    This year marks the 36th anniversary that Ford has offered America’s best-selling truck. Although still a pickup in nature, a truck buyer in 1948 would have been stunned by the advanced creature comforts and electronic gadgetry offered by today’s vehicles.

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