Hart-Parr Legendary Tractors

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    Hart-Parr Company’s contributions to the tractor industry are legendary in scope. The Charles City, Iowa, firm is credit for many firsts including creating the first successful internal combustion engine tractor, the first production-line tractor plant, the first tractor to utilize an induced draft radiator and the first firm to coin the use of the term “tractor.”

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    No. 3 17-30

    This, the earliest known existing Hart-Parr tractor, is now part of the Smithsonian Institution collection. Introduced in 1930, the Model No. 3 employed a two-cylinder engine with a 9x13-inch bore and stroke. 

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    “Old Reliable,” as Hart-Parr nicknamed the Model 30-60, was certainly an apt description for this 10-ton behemoth as it set a standard in the industry of delivering reliable power. The 30-60 utilized two massive, horizontally operating 10x15-inch cylinders to generate a rated 60-belt horsepower.

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    By 1923, the year the Model 22-40 was introduced, Hart-Parr had nearly a quarter century of experience building tractors. The company was noted by this time for selling well-built, hard-working machines and the Model 22-40 lived up to that fame.

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    12-24 E

    The 12-24 E featured pipes in the bottom of its crankcase that channeled excess oil into spaces around the tractor’s final drive. The purpose of this modification was to assist in cooling oil to help increase engine life. Innovating such new tractor designs was not new to Hart-Parr.

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    The Model 18-36, introduced in 1926 and built until 1930, employed horizontally operating two-cylinder, valve-in-head engine. In the 18-36’s case, the engine was a 63/4x7-inch bore-and-stroke whose cylinders were cast “en bloc.” The engine, rated at 800rpm, produced a maximum 32 drawbar and 43 belt horsepower

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    Like its little brother, the 18-36, the engine on the Model 28-50 consisted of two Hart-Parr-built Model 12-24 engines placed side by side. And they worked well together, for the 28-50 turned out a whopping 43 drawbar horsepower at the Nebraska Tractor Test.

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    Oliver Hart-Parr 18-28

    The merger of American Seeding Machinery Company, Nichols & Shepard Company, Oliver Chilled Plow Works with Hart-Parr in 1929 created the then industry giant Oliver Farm Equipment Company. The new firm set about creating a new line of tractors but opted to cash in on the famous Hart-Parr name by branding its machines as Oliver Hart-Parr.

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    Oliver Hart-Parr Row Crop 70

    The new Oliver Farm Equipment firm ventured into the emerging market of “row crop” tractor with the 1930 introduction of the Oliver Hart-Parr Row Crop which would evolve into the Model 70 in 1935. Like the 18-28 and 28-44, the Row Crop was built in old Hart-Parr Charles City, Iowa plant.

Hart-Parr Company’s contributions to the tractor industry are legendary in scope and the first to coin the term "tractor".

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