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Test Your John Deere Knowledge

Test your knowledge of Deere with this quiz to see how much your really know about John Deere. You can find the answers below. 

1. What celebrity owned the 4020 shown right? 

2. What was the Chuck Wagon?

3. What was the model designation of John Deere’s first disk harrow?

4. What was the name given to the Waterloo Boy tractor when it was sold in Great Britain?

5. Which of these products was not sold by John Deere?

  a. Grain dryer   b. Cement mixer   c. Rotary tillage implement

6. What World War II vehicle did Deere assemble in cooperation with Cletrac? (Cleveland Tractor Company)

7. What tractor make were Deere dealers authorized to sell prior to the All Wheel Drive?

8. Who was Deere & Company’s president between 1942 and 1944? (during World War II)

9. Who was in charge of developing Deere’s very first tractor?

10. What rare tractor model is shown below? (Hint: This is a reproduction since none of the original tractors exists.) 





1: Elvis Presley 

2: Chuck Wagon

3: The Model B

4: The Overtime

5: C. rotary tillage implement

6:The MG-1 military tractor

7: The Big 4 made by Gas Tractor Co.

8: Burton Peek

9: C.H. Melvin

10: The Model Y

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