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The Greatest Deeres of All Time

The Top 10

1. Model A: This was the first tractor to offer a one-piece transmission case (allowing high-axle clearance) and a readily adjustable rear tread. There were 318,790 A’s sold.

2. Model 4020: This was the most popular of the revolutionary New Generation tractors with sales of more than 184,000.

3. Model D: The foundation of the two-cylinder line, the D was the longest lived Deere of all time with a 30-year run and over 105,000 units sold.

4. Model 4430: The most popular tractor of its era (over 74,000 units sold), the 4430 featured the Generation II’s innovative Sound-Guard cab. 

5. Model R: This was the first Deere with a diesel engine, factory-installed cab, live PTO, and live hydraulics.

6. Model M: This lithe tractor established Deere in the small tractor market, selling more than 87,000 units thanks to its Touch-O-Matic hydraulic control.

7. Model 4850: The flagship of the 50 Series, the 4850 was the most fuel-efficient large tractor of its time and the first two-wheel-drive John Deere to break the 200-engine-hp. barrier.

8. Model 60: Besides being the first Deere (along with the 50) to offer power steering, the 60 was hugely popular with over 60,000 units sold.

9. Model 110: The first Deere with a hydrostatic transmission, the 110 garden tractor established Deere as a major player in the consumer market.

10. Model 8850: The most powerful Deere of its time (304 engine hp.), the 8850 made Deere a dominant producer of four-wheel-drive tractors.

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