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Deere’s Corn Borer D

In the late 1920s, the European corn borer was having its way with the crop. A USDA program set out to provide farmers with a tractor and PTO-driven stalk shredder for rent at $1 an acre.


John Deere’s Planter Pioneer

The Deere Rotary Drop Corn Planter quickly caught the eye of farmers who were tired of operating manual corn planters.


What Made Deere Great

The success of Deere & Company was far from destiny, and it was definitely not a certainty. Numerous times throughout the esteemed firm’s 175 years, adversity threatened to undermine its success.


27-Year Reign as Fuel King

What engineers didn’t know in 1956 is that the 720 record would rule supreme among all tractors for an amazing 27 years.


Father of All Deeres

John Deere’s Model D was anything but a technological marvel. Nor was it an immensely popular tractor.


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