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John Deere A-Ageless Iron

Dave features a John Deere A that’s used for square dancing in Rochester, Indiana. Show 809


1940 Silver King - Ageless Iron

Dave finds a rare 1940 Model 440 Silver King in Rochester, Indiana. The tractor originally was used for highway mowing, but was found in a pile of parts without an engine. Show #808


Ageless Iron-Square Dancing Tractors

Spin your tractor 'round and 'round? Dave Mowitz talks with Carl Overmyer of Lily Pearl's Square Dancing tractors in episode 820 of the Ageless Iron Special.


Ageless Iron-IH 1206 Collection

And in 1960s. International harvester staked its claim to high horse power by introducing. At 1206. This feat he tracker generated over a hundred horsepower thanks to its Turbo chargers a first in the industry. These 120 sixes are part of that John kids have bought collection here in Williamsburg


Ageless Iron-1947 Farmall H

Dave Mowitz finds a 1947 Farmall H in Rochester, IN that was bought and restored for a 4-H project. That’s not all, the tractor participates in square dancing as well.

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Successful Farming’s Ageless Iron Almanac is the ultimate resource for collectors and lovers of old farm machinery. Each issue includes stories about antique farm equipment, including classic tractors, as well as restoration tips and tricks.

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