Agronomy Tip: Helpful Tools to Manage Tire Performance

Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering at Firestone Ag shares his recommended tools to keep handy for maintaining the longevity of your tires.

A reliable inflation pressure gauge: Ensure the gauge you select measures pressure from 0-35/40 PSI. This range (versus a gauge that registers from 0-120) allows for a very accurate reading. For this reason, you may need 2-3 different inflation pressure gauges on your operation to account for the variety of ranges required by semi-trucks, tractors, or light passenger cars.

Puncture sealant: For your tubeless implement tires, keep a puncture sealant on site. “If you puncture a tire with a nail, applying the sealant will quickly patch it so you can get home and properly fix it after,” Harris says.

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