Agronomy Tip: How to Check Tires for Optimal Performance in the Field

Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering at Firestone Ag, shares a few tips for how to evaluate your tires, especially after harvest.

  1. Check the sidewalls for cuts or stubble damage. “If we can see the ply cords - the fabric or steel materials inside the tire - that is an indication the tireneeds to be replaced,” Harris says.
  2. Look at tread depth. “I recommend customers only let tires get to about 20% of the remaining tread depth for traction,” Harris says. “At that point, we need to start the preventative planning stage to replace tires.” Ever tire has different original tread depth, so consult your operator’s manual for the measurement.
  3. Mark tires that may have a slow leak. “If a tire doesn’t seem to be holding air or has a slow leak, mark it to ensure a technician will take a look and determine if it is indeed needing replaced.”

Check out Firestone’s 7-Step Checklist for additional recommendations.

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