Agronomy Tip: Set Proper PSI to Mitigate Compaction in the Field

Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering at Firestone Ag, says he first recommends achieving the proper PSI in tires to mitigate compaction.

“What the inflation pressure is in the tires, the ground experiences between 10-20% higher ground contact pressure. For example, if we have 20 PSI in our tires, the ground experiences contact pressures of 22 PSI,” Harris explains.

“Whatever we can do with our tractor, planter, and overall equipment set up so that we can get our inflation pressures to 15 PSI or below, that’s the level where we don't put the compaction into the ground that roots can't grow through.” Harris recommends evaluating your tractor set up, tire sizing, and determining if singles, duals, or triples will be helpful.

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