All Around the Farm, Mid-February 2013

  • Slick Sump Opener

    Slick Sump Opener

    Opening sumps on my grain bins left me with skinned knuckles and broken tools. So I employed a used implement jack. The jack stand is welded to the sump opener; the top of the jack is welded to the auger tube. Now I can open the sumps with minimum effort and adjust the flow to the exact amount as the auger loads the truck.

    Kenneth Waldner Miller, South Dakota,

  • Grader Is One Swale Idea

    Grader Is One Swale Idea

    I use my grader every year to cut swales for drainage around all of my buildings. It will also create a small ditch out in the fields. There is an 18-inch flat bottom on the 7.5-foot blade. The two outside pieces are angled about 10°, so the outer edges are no more than 4 inches high.

    Travis Eilers, Trenton, Illinois,

  • Hot Off the Grill

    Hot Off the Grill

    This unit is made from an old barbecue grill, and it accommodates my existing toolbox perfectly on ⅝-inch plywood supported by scrap 2×4s. My storage space is expanded with plenty of room to hold big tools and spare repair parts in the bottom.

    Clay Wilson, Council Grove, Kansas

  • Fun Floor Dry Dispenser

    Fun Floor Dry Dispenser

    A metal fertilizer hopper from a row crop planter now dispenses sweeping compound for cleaning up oil spills in my shop. I drilled a hole in the drive sprocket, attached an old gear shifter knob as a crank, and made a wall bracket. The flow rate on the hopper does need to be all the way open to let the compound out.

    Bruce Althoff, Great Falls, Montana,

  • Idea Of the Month: Tree Puller

    Idea Of the Month: Tree Puller

    This tree puller attaches to the back of a tractor and takes out 3-inch-diameter trees without trouble using a V-shape jaw that opens 6 inches. On the points are ½-inch square bars – two on one appliance, one on the other. They grab right into the tree. After the tree puller is clamped on, the operator backs up his tractor and it lifts at the same time.

    Ken Wetzel, Waterville, Minnesota,

  • Send Us Your Ideas

    Send Us Your Ideas

    Submissions should be precise. Include a sketch or photograph when needed. The Idea of the Month receives a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer. We pay $200 for ideas that appear with drawings and $100 for unillustrated ideas. Send idea, a daytime phone number, and email address to or Successful Farming Magazine All Around The Farm 1716 Locust Street/LS257 Des Moines, IA 50309.

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