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Farmer-Made Drill Bit Carousel

On All Around the Farm, the crew heads to Roger Johnson’s farm to see his drill bit carousel. This carousel makes quick-access to a variety of bits.

5 Shop Projects for #NoPlant19

Staying busy and focusing on what you can do rather than circumstances out of your control can be helpful during this stressful season.
A pile of nuts, bolts, and screws.

About All Around the Farm

Successful Farming’s All Around the Farm section features ideas from farmers that can help save time, money, and labor. These farmer inventions include practical ideas for farm shops, tools, equipment, and more.

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A Useful and Versatile Shop Stand

A roller stand I use this material stand almost daily. The base is a disk blade base. Three sizes of square tubing ( 1½, 1¼, and 1 inch) are all... read more

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