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Storage for a Backhoe

Hooking up the three-point backhoe is probably my least-favorite job on the farm. To make it easier, I welded trailer jacks on both sides of the backhoe and fabricated a saddle to use with a third trailer jack for the boom to rest on. Now, I can h
Storage idea for backhoe

No Splatter During Unload

This attachment for my grain vacuum fits under the unloading auger of a bin. It’s made from ⅛-inch steel. The diameter of the tube fits the tube on my vac. The indentations on the top go under the auger that comes out of the bin. I
Splatter cover for auger

Switch Guard Prevents Mistakes

During harvest, I used to worry about the auger on the grain cart folding up while unloading grain because it’s easy for the operator to bump or mistake one toggle lever for another. So I designed and built a stop cover from a piece of PVC. It’s shaped to fit the
Switch guard

Freeze-Proof Pasture Waterer

Get a continuous stream of fresh water for cattle even in temps below 0°F. from a system with serviceable components.
Varel Bailey freezeproof waterer

Funnel Materials From a Truck Bed

When I hauled driveway rock with fines in it or limestone using my tandem truck, most of it would stick in the corners of the bed. It didn’t come out easily, like grain does. Now I put these boards in the corners.
Braces form chute for unloading truck

Organize Screwdrivers in a Drawer

I cut 11-inch boards the length of the toolbox drawer and added ¼-inch-deep and ¼-inch-wide grooves every ½ inch. Set so they’re staggered, the screwdrivers all fit.
Drawer organizer for screwdrivers

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