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Keep critters from entering under the barn door

We have a metal pole barn. After adding drain holes to a length of guardrail, I laid it under the sliding barn door. The door slides down the track of the guardrail. This keeps critters out of the b
Barn door guard

Protection for a grain auger

An old water tank lying around our place was useless for its original purpose because of a bad leak. But now, cut in half, part of it covers my grain auger unloading hopper, which protects the auger from rain and snow. I slotted and heated the plastic to bend the front flap to all
Auger cover Feb 21

The power of a simple two-wheeler

Truck brake drums weigh about 110 pounds. They’re almost always under some kind of bed, making them even harder to handle. Instead of manhandling or using a floor jack – and risking injury – try removing and installing them with a regular unmodified two-wheel dolly. It takes a little finesse to balanc
Wheel hub change aid

Disposable concrete form saves time

To hold the center fill gravel in place before the foundation was poured for my new grain bin base, I needed a disposable concrete form. Leftover steel siding worked perfectly! I used 24-inch-long #4 rebar stakes to hold the 12-foot length of steel in place. T
Steel siding concrete forms

Prevent spills from grain tank

I was always finding corn on the engine platform of the combine. To stop grain from overflowing the back of grain tank extensions when driving through waterways with a full hopper, I fastened a piece of baler belt to the rear edge of the extensions with self-tapping screws. It prevents corn from spilling out the back, yet it still clears the
Grain tank spill guard

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Agronomy Tip: Use Clean Equipment to Manage Weed Seed

A Case combine harvests corn alongside a grain cart. Manage weed seed spread by equipment.

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