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Pull-behind crop roller

Pull a three-section crop roller behind a drill to kill cover crops while planting beans.
Art for April 2020 IOM

Old spreader makes a firewood trailer

It’s hard to get a big tractor with good hydraulics into the woods. I bought an old spreader this year for $300 and put a trailer log splitter on it. A hydraulic apron runs off the splitter pum
Manure spreader with log splitter

Protect risers in a drip irrigation system

We recently enhanced the fence posts surrounding a dozen risers on a drip irrigation system by adding the metal cages that wrap around plastic containers holding chemicals. This keeps the cattle and deer off of the risers, and the risers are more visible from the sprayer or tractor.   
Chemical shuttle protects drip irrigation riser

Odds and ends table

I end up with a lot of odds and ends; they might be a useful part one day! I’ve found that, in keeping things piled just 6 inches high or less, I can find what I’m looking for without having to dig. I set some old Tenderfoot flooring on a stand about 36 inches high. A
Roger Johnson's parts table

Floating dock

When we needed a dock for our farm pond, we decided we’d prefer a floating dock. Our local chemical company was happy to give plastic totes with the metal cages. We built a platform out of pressure-treated lumber that fits over the totes. This floating dock works great f
Float dock in April 2020

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Agronomy Tip: Apply Fungicide to Ensure Stalk Quality

A Class combine harvests corn. Ensure stalk quality and yield by prioritizing a fungicide application.

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