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Grain bin computer shelter

Metal building protects the electronic controls for the grain dryer from the elements – and looks good doing it.
Grain bin computer housing

“The Mail Is Here!”

I fastened a non-self-closing face-mount cabinet hinge onto the mailbox door. A 2.53.75-inch piece of scrap from an aluminum barn door frame – white on one side, red on the other. This is heavy enough that traffic won’t blow it down. When the door is opened, the indicator falls down. W
Mail delivery mailbox

Batteries are charged continually

It was frustrating to have to charge or boost the batteries so often on my seed tender, self-propelled belt conveyor, and other pieces of equipment I use periodically, year-round. So I mounted a 12-volt solar charger to each of these pieces of equipment and connected them to the batteries. This has saved
Implement solar charger

Oil funnels drain neatly

It’s hard to keep track of funnels and keep them clean – they often make a mess on the floor. So we made a funnel drain out of leftover PVC pipe and a few fittings. Now, they stand on end right by our oil station. We added a drain stopcock, and the last secti
Funnel drain

Keep pry bar nearby

It can be a hassle to remove rocks from tillage equipment and unplug mud from various places on implements. So I closed the bottom of a length of pipe, leaving holes for water to drain out the bottom. Then I welded up an attachment, put the pipe on my tractor, and slid a big pry bar into the holder. It works great. I’ve used the
Pry bar holder

Add storage to trailer floor

I cut a 2×4-foot hole in the floor of our fifth-wheel. Then I welded a steel bottom and sides to the bottom of the flatbed. I welded hinges onto the steel door so it will lift up. All these materials were lying around the yard. It works great, and now I don’t worry about the wooden blocks getting misplaced or l
5th wheel storage

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