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Food bus serves a hungry crew

Feeding the crew is more convenient for the cooks and more comfortable for workers in this tricked-out bus. See photos of the diner-on-wheels and get the crew's favorite recipes.

When you mow in a remote area

When I mow a wooded area a half-mile from my farm, I now have a place to carry needed items with me. I built a small steel shelf that plugs into the hitch receiver on my lawn mower and strapped a beverage cooler the same width of my seat to the shelf with tarp straps. In this cooler, I now carry a water jug, bug spray, work
Tractor Cooler Mount, Sept 2020 AATF

Keep grain bin sump unplugged

I used old wire corncrib sheets to make grates for my grain bin sumps. The pieces are cut and bent then braced with a piece of rebar along the bottom of each end. They're long enough to cover well past the sump
Grain bin grate, Sept 2020 AATF

Give calves individual stalls

To make it easier for my kids to feed bottle calves, I assembled wooden pallets spaced 15 inches apart that are held together by 24s across the top and front. When the calves come into the stalls, I slide another 24 behind them through the pallets, so they don’t back out.
Pallette calf feeder, Sept 2020 AATF

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