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5 Shop Projects for #NoPlant19

Across the Corn Belt wet weather has challenged planting progress this spring. The top corn producing states have been hammered with rain, hail, and tornados. It can be hard to stay positive when times are stressful.

However, staying busy and focusing on what you can do rather than circumstances out of your control can be helpful. Tackling a project in the shop is a great way to be productive while you wait for better planting conditions. Take a look at these five ideas.

1. Farmer-Modified Service Vehicle

Derek Anthofer of Dedham, Iowa, modified his truck and fuel trailer for servicing machiery in the field. The toolbox pivot in the bed of his truck keeps tools organized and handy wherever he goes. These innovations could save you trips back to the shop when it is finally time to plant.


2. Farmer-Built Tiling Machine

If this wet spring has you thinking about installing drainage tile, check out this farmer-built tiling machine. James Nelson of Audobon, Iowa, built his own plow and cart to coil the tile.


3. Farmer-Made Bale Spear Attachment

Anthofer also made his own bale spear. He was tired of installing and uninstalling the three point bale spear on his tractor several times a day, so he made his own.


4. Homemade Variable-Rate Spreader

James Widman of Ohio thought buying some of the precision equipment he wanted was cost prohibitive, so he built his own variable-rate spreader. Check out how he did it.


5. Farmer-Designed Lubrication Center

It’s a great time of year to tidy up the shop. Lance Rezac of Kansas wanted a place in his shop to keep all the messy, greasy oils and lubricants, so he built this containment center. Take a look.


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