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All Around the Farm: April 2017

protect CV joints  

My SUV’s boot guards were breaking, so I built shields for them. First, I drilled holes in some pieces of metal to fit the original boot guard mounts. After bending these pieces to just under 90°, I fastened segments of old grain elevator belt to them. (Used truck mud flaps would work, too. They can be a little oversize.) These new guards don’t get in the way of the A-arms in rough terrain or rub against the disc brakes when turning.          

Benjamin Wurtz | Artesian, South Dakota

less wear and tear on corner posts    

Whenever I set a new outside corner post while building a fence, I always put a large car tire or truck tire on the ground surrounding the post. Then I completely fill the tire with dirt. This not only provides more support for the post, but also keeps the livestock from digging away the ground closest to the posts as they move around them.   

Martin Dawson Belt, Montana 

give young trees extra care   

Leftover plastic field tile protects young trees from damage by the mower (it can skin the trees’ bark off when it gets too close). I put mulch inside the tile to keep weeds down and to help conserve moisture. The 8-inch tile size seems to work the best. It can remain in place until the tree outgrows it. I add wire cage as a rabbit deterrent.  

Dean Wessels | Fairbury, Illinois 

replace auger easily    

I went to replace an old auger in my feedline and discovered it was hard work to push in 200 feet of flex auger! So I put an anchor in one end of the flex auger and a ½-inch drill on the end. I screwed the flex auger into the boot with a screwdriver to guide the auger. This was much easier than pushing it by hand.   

Joseph Glanzer | Delmont, South Dakota

make sure load weight is level 

When I first loaded a recently purchased 20-foot enclosed trailer, I quickly realized I couldn’t see if I was loading it correctly to get the right trailer hitch weight. I made my own level for $20 out of 5∕8-inch (inside diameter) hose filled with antifreeze and food coloring. It’s mounted off center from the center of the tandems to exaggerate the amount if it is out of level.    

Bill Broering | Yorkshire, Ohio

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