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All Around the Farm: December 2017

coil springs corral hydraulic hoses  

Since there is excess length in my hydraulic hoses, I needed a way to prevent them from being damaged by the hitch. I used coil springs from various Jeeps that were parted out to hold the hoses out of the way. It works great. Since the springs flex in all directions, they allow for movement when turning. I have also used springs on my dirt scraper pan and a box scraper.     

James Nelson | Audubon, Iowa 

horse hoof nippers to the rescue      

The quickest way I’ve found to free a vehicle driveline tangled in barbed wire (which can happen to first responders at a prairie fire) is to use a pair of horse hoof nippers. If the sharp-edged corner can contact a strand of wire, it can easily cut it. Another thing they’re good for is gripping and pulling staples driven tightly into posts.  

Vaughn Willems | Protection, Kansas 

marked lines leave no doubt       

I made this strap to indicate all the stopping points for someone who is loading grain out of the bin and filling up semitrailers. It took less than 10 minutes to make out of discarded strap, two pieces of metal, four zip strips, and spray paint. The colors correspond to different trucks. It works great, saves time, and folds up for easy transport, too.      

Todd Martin | Wayne City, Illinois

farm-strong grappling hook     

I needed a sturdy hook to pull fallen trees from my farm pond. Commercial grappling hooks weren’t strong enough. So I built my own by cutting coils from an old truck spring in half and welding the halves to a piece of rebar. Material costs were limited to a few welding rods and one cutting disk.     

Richard Peters | St. Marys, Kansas

pliers modified for handling fuses

After breaking enough fuses while trying to remove them, I came up with this fuse puller. I took an old pair of needle-nose pliers, welded the front end, and drilled a hole the size of a round fuse. Then I cut off the front end so I don’t damage the board when pulling fuses. No more broken fuses. This allowance keeps the fuses from crushing during removal.     

Simon Glanzer | Delmont, South Dakota  

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