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All Around the Farm: January 2017

modified cart makes a working ATV trailer

To pick up items that are too heavy to lift into the box of my ATV, I turned a two-wheel cart into a trailer. The heavy-duty replacement axle has four bolt spindles for two 215/60-8 tires. A hitch on top of the cart hooks onto the ATV’s hitch. The tire spacing matches, so both units will straddle 22-inch rows.     

Darrell Vick  from  Raymond, Minnesota

warmer hands, happier cows  

Since my milking parlor gets pretty cold during the winter, I devised a way to keep dippers warm. Using a torch to heat the end of a pipe, I melted four holes in an empty plastic gallon-size antifreeze jug. Sitting on one flat side half-filled with warm water, it keeps dippers warm for the rest of the milking. 

Philip Hurst from Seneca Falls, New York 

exactly where they’re needed 

If things are handy, they will be used. I hang ear plugs and muffs directly on the noisy equipment being used including drills, lawn mowers, grinders, etc. That way, no one has to go looking for them. The hearing protection is more likely to get used, thus, preventing the risk of hearing loss.  

Mary Mikula from Chetek, Wisconsin

it won’t matter if you fudge pulling up to the mailbox  

Weld or bolt a heavy spring in between two T-posts to build a flexible mailbox support that will bend toward you for retrieving contents. I like this because now I don’t have to worry about pulling my vehicle up too close to the mailbox. I can bring it to me instead!   

William Schweitzer from DePue, Illinois 

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