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All Around the Farm: May 2017

New Tractor, New Rock Box  

The rock box near the cab on my old tractor wouldn’t work on the new one. Steve Janikowski of C&S Farms near Wahpeton, North Dakota, designed and built this one for me instead. The expanded metal and matching shape give it a factory look. It goes on the new front weight bracket. A small piece of 2×2-inch tubing welded in the corner accepts a pry bar and chain hook.          

Chris Johnson | Wahpeton, North Dakota 

Temporary Calf Fence    

My 9- to 10-week-old calfs don’t require super sturdy fencing for moving from small starting pens to group pens in my calf barn. So I’ve started using plastic snow fence for temporary fencing in there. I just cut it to the length needed and use simple brackets to attach it to the wall. It doesn’t take up much storage space when I roll it up and put it away, either.    

Dan Foster | Platte, South Dakota

Heifer Kicks Magnet, Not the Handler       

I use a cattle weigh tape to see if heifers are big enough to breed. The wind blew the lightweight tape out of my hands until I attached fender washers to one end. Two ³∕16-inch washers are held together by one 10-24×½-inch round head machine screw and a lock nut. I can reach an extendable pocket magnet under the animal to pull the tape around.    

Dana Carruthers | Pinconning, Michigan

Safe Way to Carry Chemical Containers   

I once had a tough time finding a place to carry my chemical containers. To solve the problem, I cut the top off a mini bulk and now use the inside to haul the cardboard boxes and full jugs. Also, I can strap the empty jugs through their handles to the outside of the mini bulk so they won’t fly off.   

Aaron Waldner | Britton, South Dakota

This Jig Holds Any Shape  

Tired of looking for Vise Grips and C-clamps for welding, I made a jig that requires no tools at all and keeps things in place. It works on all shapes of metal, too. One of the best features is the opening under the iron being welded; it no longer gets stuck to the welding table. When I’m ready to move to the other side, I just loosen the wing nut and flip it over.    

Harold Fratzke | Cottonwood, Minnesota 

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