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All Around the Farm: November 2016

lock pump in place  

This herbicide pump bracket keeps the pump in place on the caged shuttle the herbicide comes in. It’s made of 1¼-inch round tubing. Since it has linch pins to clamp it down, the pump won’t fall off when I move the two together. I’ve been using this bracket now for two years. It makes it much easier to move the combination from location to location. 

Keith Wellensiek | Cook, Nebraska

go to the dresser for a dressing  

It’s difficult to keep bandages for wrist or elbow injuries in place since there is so much movement in these joints. Here’s something I’ve tried and had good results with. After covering a wound with gauze and tape, cut the top off of a tube sock. Slip that straight end on over the bandage. The tube sock will keep the wound covered and the bandages in place all day.  

John O'Hearn | Aledo, Illinois

inexpensive upgrades for grinder  

I made several improvements to my grinder. First, I added mud flaps for road travel. I also installed a blinking light to remind me when the auger is not in its saddle; this light is visible in my tractor mirrors. To help me see better in the dark, I wired some white lights into the electrical plug-in. The total cost for all of these projects was around $50 plus five hours of my time. 

Tom Wessman | Albert City, Iowa

why not go wide? 

When I built my shop, I installed 48-inch-wide walk-through doors between the office and the shop and the shop and the storage area. They’re not too wide for interior doors, and they are big enough for moving parts and large items around within the buildings. They are even wide enough to drive an ATV through!     

Terry Bogner | Sparland, Illinois 

The bales go round and round

To make feeding wrapped round bales in the barn easier, I made a round bale turntable. As I pull the wagon around the barn, I can pull the hay off as the turntable spins, which unrolls the bale. I mounted an old wheel hub with the rim bolted on and then welded a 36-inch plate to the rim. The center cover is removable for accessing the grease zerk and to unbolt the rim, if necessary.

Dale Middendorf | Sauk Centre, Minnesota

no more mud-slinging 

I was tracking too much mud into the shop, so I poured a 6×4-foot block of cement outside every walk-through door. Each one has a 2×2-foot hole for a grate and a 1-inch ledge for the grate to sit on. Now I scrape off my shoes at the grate before going into the shop. When it’s full, I clean it out with a shovel. 

Timaeus Hofer | Faulkton, South Dakota

hitch up a digger without lifting 

I store my post hole digger by hanging it from a rafter in the utility shed using a winch salvaged from a grain auger. I had to try different links to get the digger suspended at the proper balance point and at the best pitch for reattaching it. Two loops are welded on top of the digger’s lift arm. 

Bob Fromme | New Berlin, Illinois

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