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All Around the Farm: November 2017

keep firewood high off the ground and dry for burning 

I had always stored my firewood outside on the ground where it took on moisture and became hard to ignite. So I made a stand from an unused overhead fuel tank, lined it with steel cattle panels, and built a hip roof to cover the tank brackets on top. The wire mesh lets the wood dry from all sides. Placed on the south side of my barn, it receives full sun for nice, dry firewood.           

Ken Miller | Rochelle, Illinois 

taller hopper receives grain faster      

To increase the capacity of my auger hopper, I bolted together two pieces of poly salvaged from the skirting of an old round bale feeder. The extension merely sets into the main hopper, so it’s easy to take out when moving the auger. Now I can run the auger at full capacity.  

Gene Smallidge | Hastings, Minnesota 

downforce for posthole digger     

Here’s an alternative to standing on the three-point arms to help a posthole digger go deeper into the ground. I hooked a come-along to the top, center point of the digger, then down to the hitch. With the hitch offset, the cable doesn’t interfere with the PTO shaft. I give the come-along a few ratchets for tension every so often. The digger has drilled through frozen ground with about 15 inches of frost.    

Edward Brichacek | Schuyler, Nebraska

measuring tapes in a permanent location are convenient       

To make sure I can find a tape when I need it, I put short lengths of measuring tape at several intervals on each of my workbenches. The steel banding is fastened with self-tapping screws. This idea also works well in locked cabinets or lockers.     

Jeremy Glanzer | Willow Lake, South Dakota

transport seed to field during planting 

I built a hitch on the rear of my drill and planter to pull my seed wagon with its self-powered unit behind in between fields. Four 1-inch bolts hold the shop-built hitch to the main 7×7-inch drill frame beam. The hitch then extends between two row units. To clear the press wheel, I used ¼-inch wall 2½-inch square tubing at a 45° angle.     

Jay Warner | McPherson, Kansas

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