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All Around the Farm: September 2017

Control the light cord with a mounted reel  

I recently purchased a planter. Because I sometimes work after dark, I wanted to mount lights on the center post for loading at night. Since there was no other way to run wire up the center post when the planter was in plant position without the wires getting caught or tangled up, I mounted a cord reel. The locking tog on the cord has been removed so the wire will extend and retract on its own.           

Dustin Gephart | Decatur, Indiana 

saw through clumps       

When grass clumped up in my baler or mower, I used to use a jackknife and pull out the pieces one handful at a time. Now, I keep a battery-powered reciprocating saw with 4- and 7-inch blades in the tractor. I can easily and aggressively cut down the clump’s entire length from the top to open up the jam and then cut deeper to finish loosening things up. This causes no damage to the machine.     

George Gunn | Southampton, Massachusetts 

cab is cleaner without used net wrap      

I installed a cattle lick tub (with several added drain holes) in place of the toolbox by my tractor’s cab door. Electrical tape covers the inner tube material wrapped around the grab bar by the door. The tub is mounted to the grab bar with three U-clamps. This tub holds wet and dirty net wrap from up to 20 large bales.  

Craig Schnoor | Maquoketa, Iowa 

always hang on to old rugs    

I keep some of my wife’s old carpet runners out in the shop where they’re nearby for working on machinery. They are handy to roll up and store back on a shelf. Even on dirt floors, I find they keep my pants cleaner. The 2×6-foot runners are easy to unroll, and I like having them to kneel on when working on machinery.   

Tom Diekmann | Lismore, Minnesota

improve a swing auger  

My grandnephews, Scott Orrin and Garret Hughes, built this A-frame bracket for the hopper, which lays down when not in use. By lifting the hopper this way, the grain doesn’t spill, and the bracket creates a place for shovels, guide blocks, and sample cans as we move the auger. When finished for the season, we go back to using the vertical factory hooks.      

Cal Hayenga | Andover, South Dakota  

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