Double-Duty ATV Winch Hoist

Stabilizing a hoist trolley by connecting two of them together allows the ATV winch to operate smoothly.

The trolley on Wesley Jarvis’ lift had one hanging point made to use with a chain hoist, which he doesn’t use often. When he suspended the preferred ATV winch from the trolley, it would swing sideways, and the rolling cable “would wad up at one end,” he recalls.   

So Jarvis got the idea to put up a second trolley and use angle iron to tie the two together. With the winch bolted to the flat surface formed by the sides of the angle iron, both trolleys were stabilized. From then on, the winch could run and wind up from a level position. 

Yet, he can still use the ATV elsewhere since the winch is secured by only four bolts. 

A 12-volt battery rests on the hoist frame, and U-bolts attach the remote control buttons onto the hoist brace “giving me a cordless roll-around winch in the shop,” Jarvis explains.

“It eliminates dragging a cord around. Plus, I always like having double-duty items,” such as the ATV winch, says Jarvis.

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