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Dual cart for today’s tires

Tire cart accommodates tires and brake repairs on 300- to 400-plus-hp. tractors.

Instead of using a forklift to pick up a big tire and move it out of the way, Cleason Hoover’s cart will receive, stabilize, and turn a tire on its rollers to line up for installation.  

“We wanted to manufacture a tire cart capable of handling 710/70R42 tires with weights and axle assembly or large duals when doing a brake job in the shop,” says Hoover. 

After he and his coworkers at the dealership determined their requirements, they turned over the idea to Hoover’s brother, Gerald, for design, manufacture, and a powder coat. Their goal was a cart that allowed tires to sit on rollers for raising, lowering, and turning when lining up tires during installation.  

The finished unit accomplishes that and saves time. “Rather than removing the dual and using a forklift to move the assembly and then reversing the steps, now we can easily hold it all on the cart, do brakes, and roll everything back together,” he says. I

If you’re interested in fabrication or drawings, contact Hoover at

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