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Easy-access lockbox secures fuel tanks

David Braun was frustrated. He had fuel stolen from his fuel storage tanks on more than one occasion. 

“I figured enough is enough,” says Braun, who farmed for more than 50 years in Rosholt, South Dakota. “I puttered around the shop until I came up with my solution for a fuel lockbox.” 

Using an old metal box, he mounted a switch inside and attached a keyless entry system for easy access. “When deciding be-tween a padlock and fumbling for a key in the dark or a backlit keypad where you punch in an access code, the programmable door lock won out,” he says.

Braun recommends removing the lockset’s interior handle to avoid it rubbing against the wiring when opening and closing the box door. 

"My sons laughed at my invention, so I can’t wait to share this article with them,” Braun says.

David Braun

Farming Operation: David Braun farmed for 56 years in Rosholt, South Dakota. Initially, he raised hogs but later focused solely on corn and soybean production, growing as much as 2,000 acres. Braun occasionally helps two of his sons and a grandson who farm the operation today. 

Hobbies: In the past, he restored old tractors and equipment. Braun says he “putters around in the shop now.” 

Family: David and his wife, Kathy, have been married 57 years. They have four children, 14 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. The couple have loved their years on the farm and feel blessed.

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