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Farmer-Built Front-Mount Spray Boom Lets User Monitor Performance Closely

When Joe Bahe used a hand wand to spray his Stanley, Iowa, fencerows, he needed 25 gallons of 2,4-D to cover ¾ mile. Using the UTV boom he built, he now covers 2 to 2½ miles with the same amount of product. He says he was surprised at how far he can stretch it.   

“The front boom is great because I can see if a tip is plugged and if the booms are actually spraying or not. I can also drive into fences and corners instead of having to back into them,” he says. Just two end tips are activated for fencerow application.  

Here are two other features.

  • Camlock couplings with caps on boom come off quickly.
  • The boom fits a 2-inch standard receiver for either front or rear mounting.  

Bahe figures he spent around $150 on materials and put in about two days of cutting, welding, and painting. 

More on the sprayer:

  • Mounted high: Tank and pump frame hook on the roll bar for quick removal. Position allows full use of the bed and makes pump valves and gauge easier to access. 
  • Versatility: Valve on boom will run either two outside nozzles for fencerows or feed all the boom nozzles. 
  • Boom specs: Fence nozzles are low-drift air- induction tips for 2,4-D. Clearance is approximately 30 inches for the boom built of 1¹∕2×¹∕8-inch square tube steel. 

More about Joe bahe

Operation: The northeast Iowa farmer grows seed corn and soybeans near Stanley. His father and brother farm nearby. Bahe also works part time selling grain bins and dryers.   

Family: He and wife Lisa have three daughters: Jenna, 10; June, 8; and Julia, 5. Lisa and Joe also sell Dekalb, Asgrow, and Wyffels seeds. “We are really busy most of the time, but it’s fun,” he says.  

Still perfecting: “I’ve been trying to figure out no-till in 20-inch rows since 2010. I think I’m making progress, though,” he says. 

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