Gauge wheel tire tool

The rubber gauge wheel tires on my Kinze 3600 12/23 planter needed to be replaced. The bearings and wheel halves were fine, so I didn’t want to spend $4,100 to replace the entire wheel assembly if I could replace the tires for $30 each. Because each rim has 17 bolts that only line up in one position, replacing the tires can be a challenge. For less than $10, I made a jig by welding two  5/16-inch diameter rods spaced 10¾ inches apart to a 24-inch flat iron to make the job easier. While the jig is in a vise, I used a 10-inch piece of 5/8-inch all thread placed through the bearing and pulled the two rim halves into the tire. Be sure the tires are warm and lubricated. When the rims are almost tight, install the bolts, and the wheel is ready to be placed back on the planter.

- Glen Massoth, Yates Center, Kansas

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