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Grab it all and go fencing

Farmer-built trailer keeps fencing tools and materials together.

The Baileys of Anita, Iowa, have put a lot of miles on the frame of a retired auger wagon. After the box and augers were removed, they cut the axle and dropped it so the frame is 6 inches from the ground.

At first, the trailer hauled corn and soybean seed to the planter. Then Varel Bailey and his son, Scot, modified it for carrying fencing tools and materials.

“The post caddies are like giant baby beds without mattresses,” says Bailey. The floor is wire mesh from a hog farrowing stall.

A multi-option hitch keeps the trailer level, whether it’s pulled by a tractor, pickup, or four-wheeler.

Most of the tools and small supplies fit at the front of the floor, which leaves the rest of the floor open for tools such as spades, shovels, and a hand tamper plus corner posts and braces.

Rear view of fencing trailer

Three removable 1-inch pipes make barbed wire unrollers. 

The 1-inch pipes at the back are removable, so a rear end gate keeps everything on board. 

Bailey says he’ll install a mile of fence this summer. 

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