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Limb trimmer

George Pictor needed a way to trim out-of-reach tree branches. His idea: a log splitter attached to the pallet fork on his loader. 

Inverting the splitter, he welded a 1×2-inch flat piece of steel and a 2-inch piece of square tubing to the underside of the I-beam for crosspieces.

Using tubing with inside dimensions of over 2×4 inches, he cut four tubes to 3-inch lengths; these became the sleeves for the tines on his pallet fork. He then welded the sleeves to the crosspieces.


To keep it off the ground, Pictor welded a mast to the underside of the splitter. He used an old plow share, but anything that gives support should work. 

For safety, Pictor drilled a hole in the sleeves and pallet fork, so the log splitter can be secured with a pin or bolt.


George Pictor

Heritage: The Batesville, Indiana, farming operation, which raises corn, soybean, and hay, has been in the family since 1936. “The only pitfalls are too many deer and staying ahead of tree trimming," says George Pictor. Now 81, Pictor took over the farm in 1965 and is still going strong.

Family: Married to Jane, the couple have been newlyweds for 42 years. They have one son.

Hobbies: Farming and fixing equipment. "Is there time for much else?" Pictor says.



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