Limb Trimmer

George Pictor needed a way to trim out-of-reach tree branches. His idea: a log splitter attached to the pallet fork on his loader. Inverting the splitter, he welded a 1×2-inch flat piece of steel and a 2-inch piece of square tubing to the underside of the I-beam for crosspieces.

Using tubing with inside dimensions of over 2×4 inches, he cut four tubes to 3-inch lengths; these became the sleeves for the tines on his pallet fork. He then welded the sleeves to the crosspieces. To keep it off the ground, Pictor welded a mast to the underside of the splitter. He used an old plow share, but anything that gives support should work. For safety, Pictor drilled a hole in the sleeves and pallet fork, so the log splitter can be secured with a pin or bolt.

George Pictor | Batesville, Indiana,

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