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Movable Hitch

When Steve Willenbring took his pull-behind sprayer through some of the sloped sections of the 30-inch rows on his Dyersville, Iowa, farm, he’d look in his rearview mirror and see that, at times, he was running over his corn. The sprayer had slid downhill. “I hate seeing corn being driven over,” he says.   

He set out to find a way to keep that from happening and realized he had an auto steer that came with his rear-mount cultivator. This would allow him to shift the cultivator from side to side. 

“A local machine shop built a drawbar for me, and we attached it to the auto steer,” he says. He can simply back up to the sprayer to hook up. 

“Now, when I need to bump the sprayer wheels up the hill to keep from driving over corn or beans, I just flip the switch in the cab to move the drawbar left or right. When I’m back in the center, I hit the switch and it centers itself back to where it needs to be. Problem solved,” he says.

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