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New calves are easy to load

UTV calf/fencing supplies carrier keeps new calves stabilized on the ride home, and mama cows can see them as they follow.

If a UTV cargo bed is always full of fencing supplies, then it’s hard to bring a sick newborn calf in from the pasture. Ryan Liegel of Wisconsin made room for both. 

His project, framed in 1-inch steel piping, came together in a day and includes a roller to dispense barbed wire plus a T-post holder that accommodates up to four posts. The new tagging supplies box is an upgrade from an old cooler.

Liegel says they used to install a calf carrier behind the UTV, but its lower clearance meant it would drag with any dip in the woods or travel through a valley. It also was harder for the driver to see the calf, he adds.

For a while, they wrangled calves into the pickup cab, which also wasn’t ideal. 

In addition to the UTV calf carrier’s greater comfort for both the calf and its mother, the truck cab stays much cleaner, Liegel reports. 

The system sits in the cargo bed stake pockets and comes off in seconds. “A skid-steer pallet fork lifts the whole thing right off when I’m done with it,” he says.

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