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Oil Pan Fit for a Tractor Oil Change

It was a time for action. Ken Miller’s usual mechanic was too busy to get him in, and Miller’s tractor had to have an oil change.

“I started looking around, and I didn’t have anything big enough to catch 30-plus gallons,” he recalls. “Now that I’ve converted this mini-bulk for that purpose, I almost look forward to doing all my own oil changes! It really takes the work out of it,” says Miller.

“The top on the oil pan keeps the used hydraulic, transmission, or engine oil from sloshing out,” he says. Also, the slots on the bottom make it easy to move or drain with a forklift. One of the best parts, he points out, is that chemical shuttles already have a 1½- or a 2-inch valve with a lever, so they’re self-draining.

“No pumps, no hose, no mess,” he says.

MATERIALS: Shuttle, rubber casters (5-inch diameter), square steel tubing to attach wheels

TOOLS: Welder, circular saw, reciprocating metal saw

Position: Move the pan with a forklift, then place it with more precision using mounted casters.

Empty into Another: Shuttles have slots for easy transport with forklifts. The 300-gallon vessel makes a ready waste oil container. This system requires no pumps or hoses.

Cut Down a Shuttle: The top laps right down inside the bottom of a chemical shuttle.


Farm operation: Besides his own corn and soybeans in Rochelle, Illinois, Ken Miller custom-farms 140 acres of sweet corn for a neighbor. 

Professional carpenter: Miller has also owned and operated a carpentry business for 26 years.  

Family: His three sons are Taylor, 24; Nathan, 23; and Garrett, 18. They help out at the farm as does a friend, Mitch Hendrickson.  

Fun: In a former Christmas tree farm he owns, Miller and his sons enjoy four-wheeling and target shooting. He also likes spending free time with his girlfriend, Debbie Adams.     


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