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Rolling metal rack transports long and heavy steel

On his last Christmas break from school, Alvin Homier, 15, didn’t play a lot of video games. Instead, in one week of working full days, he built a rolling steel storage rack for his dad’s farm and commercial shop. 

Homier used mainly scrap metal for materials: two old harrows, scrap rasp bars, “and other odds and ends,” he says. 

His dad, Roger, did have a local machine shop laser cut adapter plates in order to use salvaged truck wheels they already owned. These were adapted to the stock six-bolt hubs of the running gear. The undercarriage for the trailer is the running gear from an old grain wagon. Truck wheels carry the extra weight. 

“The only help I got from Dad was with the wheel plates, and once in a while, he’d hold a piece so I could tack-weld,” he says.

Homier used ⅛-inch 6011 welding rods for the project.  

Chains welded on loop over to secure stored items for transport.  

The rack easily accommodates 20-foot lengths of steel, which saves on cut charges. 

“We don’t take it on the road; it just stays on the farm,” says Homier. They use a forklift to load and unload the trailer, he says.

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