Round baler turned sprayer

Rig is easier to hook up than a three-point hitch and safer on hilly terrain.

By Paula Barbour, Content Editor

After a fire took Larry Williams’ round baler, he reused the frame and upgraded his spraying equipment.  

In meshing the two, he was able to reuse his 200-gallon tank, belt, and cradle. Then he built a frame for the tank plus steps and a handrail. Since the tractor doesn’t carry 200 gallons of water, operation is more stable on sloped ground. (This setup will also accommodate a 400-gallon tank.) 

An added 10 feet to each side of the nozzle boom makes it 40 feet wide now; ¼-inch cable running from the end of the boom back to the top of the factory boom assembly supports the ends and makes each side adjustable. The boom folds for transport to the same width as the tires.

Williams put a ball valve in the cab for quick open and close controls. Two hoses on the front of the sprayer have quick-connects. 

He installed a quick-connect air chuck for blowing compressed air through the lines. “This makes it easy to winterize,” he says.  

This winter Williams, who lives in east Texas, is plumbing a water supply at the top of the platform for rinsing jugs. Filling the tank from the bottom eliminates foaming. He’ll also return to the hand jack instead of the hydraulic cylinder he originally installed.

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