Skid loader attachment shelf

Yes, it only makes sense: “If you drive over a skid loader attachment that’s buried in the snow one too many times, you look for an alternative,” says South Dakota farmer Wayne Waldner.  

Constructed of 2- and 3-inch-diameter well casing pipe, the rack was designed and built on the farm, then sent to another facility for galvanizing. Waldner’s custom-built rack built of well casing pipe is 8 feet high, 14 feet wide, and 3 feet deep. 

The attachment shelf is the current storage place for a fork attachment, posthole digger, rock bucket, and three general-use buckets. It is positioned on the south side of the shop, next to the parking place for the skid steer. 

“Hook-up to the attachments is pretty much the same, but with the concrete we poured in front of the rack, we’re always level now,” Waldner points out.

“Some of our neighbors have commented and called me about it,” he says. 

The attachment shelf went up in 2005. Waldner estimates the cost at the time was $600 including galvanizing.

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