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Versatile Service Tray

Instead of a dedicated service truck, Brent Svoboda of Pender, Nebraska, wanted more flexibility in his farm vehicles and repair equipment. 

“I built this service tray so I can put it on my flatbed with a skid loader,” he says. “Because of the dimensions, it will also fit into a regular pickup box.”  

Svoboda started with the frame, wire floor, and gates of an old raised-deck nursery pen. “It was already sturdy and heavy-built. I only had to modify the gates to make everything fit. It keeps things inside real nice.”

Equipped with a welder, torch, generator, and air compressor, there is a vise on one side and ample space for welding accessories plus other tools. There are also plenty of places to secure equipment with straps.

“Fields are getting farther away from the farm, so I want to be able to go make a repair or at least patch it up well enough to get it back to the shop to fix properly. I’ve been happy to have the equipment with me in case of breakdowns. 

“It’s been especially handy for building gates and fence on site. During harvest, I like having an air compressor there to blow off equipment in the morning. At night, the generator runs the portable lights.” 

Svoboda adds that the 360° swiveling 500-pound hoist has a hydraulic jack.

When asked if there was anything he’d do differently were he to start over, he says he’d buy a slightly larger generator. Since the generator is removable, Svoboda keeps it in the house in the winter and also takes it along on family camping trips. 

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More about brent svoboda

Operation: Brent Svoboda and his wife, Brenda, grow corn and soybeans on their Pender, Nebraska, farm.  

Family: They have a 1-year-old daughter named Andi, and another child is on the way.

Tech Changes: “I put a Yield Sense monitor in the combine this fall and made a lot of changes based on the data,” he says. “In the spring, I put electric drives and down force on the planter. I’m real happy with that, too.”


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