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Weight Transfer Makes Planter More Adjustable

The wings on Robert Bowman’s 16-row John Deere 1770 CCS were lifting up when he no-tilled at maximum air pressure.

So he devised and added brackets for cylinders to transfer weight to the wings. 

These cylinders get the needed hydraulics from the pressure side of the vacuum motors. “It’s tied into the vac motors that supply the seed meters,” he explains.

At a recent farm show, Bowman saw a similar concept on the brand-new planters made by John Deere and Case. 

“Theirs sit lower,” he says. “They are the same, though, in that the cylinder is right over the hinge.” 

If he were to add these brackets to another machine, he says they would have a lower profile, too.

less compaction

Because he now carries more weight on the outside tires, “I know I have less compaction,” says Bowman. “This takes the excess weight off the base, right below the CCS hoppers.”

Built in the winter of 2015, the weight transfer has operated for two years. “I can tell I have some weight on my wings now; they’re not just out there floating. This means the seed is going in the ground better,” says Bowman.

He is the next recipient of a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer for having his idea chosen as the Idea of the Month. Enter the contest here

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